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Nesugar is ideal of all the applications below. Click on the applications for additional key benefits, master recipes and videos.

  • Bakery & Pastry
  • Beverages
  • Confectionary Gelato, Sorbet, and Ice Cream
  • Restaurant and Bar
  • Granola, Cereal, and Protein Bars
  • Pharmaceutical


SWEETNESS: Provides sweetness intensity equivalent to sugar. Nesugar can replace sugar in one-for-one proportions.

FLAVOR ENHANCEMENT: The sweetness profile of Nesugar enhances many fruit, citrus and spice flavors in beverages, bakery fillings and dairy products.

FRESHNESS: Promotes freshness in several ways. Nesugar inhibits microbial spoilage by reducing water activity and extends shelf life through superior moisture control. Foods also taste fresher because Nesugar protects the firm texture of canned fruits and reduces freezer burn in frozen fruits.

SOFT TEXTURE: Chewy cookies, snack bars and other baked goods derive their soft and moist texture from Nesugar. Nesugar retains moisture and resists crystallization after baking.

BROWNING: Nesugar is a "reducing sugar" that gives superior browning and flavor to baked goods such as breads, dinner rolls, cakes, cookies and breakfast cereals.

STABILITY: Over time, Nesugar- sweetened products maintain sweetness and flavor with no change in sweetness or flavor quality due to storage temperature fluctuations or low product acidity. With NESUGAR, this product stability maintains the quality of carbonated and still beverages, as well as condiments such as ketchup and fruit preserves.

POURABILITY: NESUGAR has a lower freezing point, so "frozen" beverage concentrates have the added convenience of being pourable straight from the freezer and easier for consumers to thaw and mix with water.

FERMENTABILITY: About 96 percent of the sugars in NESUGAR are fermentable. This is important in bread-baking because NESUGAR is thus more economical to use than sucrose. An often overlooked benefit of Nesugar is that yeast "prefers" glucose and ferments it first, and as a result, the slight sweetness that consumers prize is accentuated.

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