Nesugar: The key excipient agent for sucrose-based medical syrups and medicated confectionary

Nesugar invert syrups are ideal for sucrose-based medical syrups manufacturing. The shelf-lifeof medicated syrups can be improved dramatically by adding Nesugar. The glucose present inthis syrup acts as an anti-crystallizing agent, provides extra viscosityfor liquid pharma preparations, and delivers clean-sweet taste able to maskbitter flavors.

Features and Benefits

Sucrose-Based Medical Syrups
Nesugar can be used as an excipient agent to dilute the active ingredient, thicken and stabilize, as well as suspend non-soluble ingredients in medicated cough syrup formulations.
Extended Shelf Life
The shelf life of medicated syrups can be improved dramatically by adding Nesugar. Our high purity cane syrups guarantee stability in the sweetness level troughout the formulation’s shelf life and acts as an anti-crystallizing agent.
Color and Texture Enhancer
Nesugar provides extra viscosity for liquid pharma preparations. Nesugar is a clear and colorless syrup with medium viscosity and clean-sweet taste, able to mask bitter flavors.
Quality and Consistency, Batch after Batch
Through a state-of-the-art manufacturing process led by experts in the field, the molecular composition of Nesugar and BENETRACT is guaranteed batch after batch. When you add our sweeteners to your food products, you can be sure that you are offering consumers a safe ingredient with the promised nutritional content.
Sucrose-Based Medical
Color and Texture
Extended Shelf Life
Quality and Consistency

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