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Our Invert Cane Syrups and sweet prebiotic fiber enhance the flavor of any juice, soda or smoothie, allowing for less calories and better nutrition. Nesugar dissolves almost instantly inany beverage, eliminating internal production of liquid sugar and its associated stages of dissolution, filtration and heating, whichin turn translates into better efficiency and cost reduction. Our syrups and blends are high purity syrups FREE of FLOC and Dextrans, which help extend product shelf life, improve the final quality of the product,and lower costs.

Features and Benefits

Extended Shelf Life
Nesugar guarantees stability in the sweetness level in the beverage throughout its shelf life, as it controls the inversion of sugar in acidic mediums such as juices and beverages.
Less added sugar, same delicious taste
Consumers seek foods and beverages that cut added sugar levels without adding artificial sweeteners, while still delivering on great taste. Both, Nesugar Light and BENETRACT, can be used individually or in combination to achieve formulations with reduction of added sugars and low glycemic index, maintaining the same flavor and functionalities of cane sugar.
Clean Labeling
Nesugar offers a great tasting, clean label alternative to traditional corn and glucose syrups, such as High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS). All of our products are OU Kosher certified and available certified Organic.
Improved Taste, Color and Texture
Nesugar has a maximum of 0.04% of ash and is FREE of FLOC and Dextrans which allows for better turbidity control. It has a clean-sweet taste that enhances the flavor of other ingredients while masking bitter aftertastes.
Reduced Cost
Nesugar allows the elimination of in-house production stages of invert sugar, which translates into cost reduction, process efficiency, better storing & handling, and pest control. Nesugar and Nesugar Light are sweeter than sugar per dry basis, which allows for less added sugars and reduced cost per sucrose equivalent.
Loaded with prebiotic fiber
Functional beverages loaded with prebiotic soluble fiber (like BENETRACT) or other beneficial ingredients continue on the rise as they act as ideal vehicles to deliver health and wellness benefits.
Extended Shelf Life
Improved Taste
Clean Labeling
Reduced Cost
Less Added sugar
Prebiotic Fiber

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