Our Invert Cane Syrups and Blends enhance the flavor of any juice, soda or smoothie drinks. Mixing instantly in any beverage, making them smoother while lowering the amount of calories in each drink. Our syrups will extend shelf life, lower costs, and improve efficiency. 

Our Invert Syrups are an ideal substitute for HFCS, honey, agave and granular sugar. Conventional and Organic Certified available. 


  • It is a natural enhancer of flavors in juices and beverage, enabling producers to reduce up to 15% the amount of flavors in their formulations.
  • Helps reduce energy costs associated with the dissolution of granulated sugar from 60% to 80%.
  • Its content of fructose provides the opportunity to reduce up to 20% the amount of sugar in the formulation of your drinks and beverages. This benefits those who are watching their calories intake. 
  • Suitable for energy drink manufacturers because it provides instant energy and is easier to digest. 
  • Improves shelf life.
  • Controls crystallization. 
  • Dissolves instantly in hot or cold liquids.
  • Perfect for creating infused simple syrup. 
  • Sweeter than sucrose, compared on a dry basis.
  • Non-GMO, gluten free, vegan friendly and OU Kosher.

   Replace your simple syrup:

  • No more measuring; reassuring that your sugar to water ratios are always the same in every cocktail
  • Infused Syrups; flavor is brighter and more concentrated
  • Skinny cocktails is the new trend! 
  • Nesugar Light allows you to cut calories in half with our cane  + stevia blend
  • Our syrups are sweeter; allowing you to use less per drink


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