Our Invert Syrups and Blends enhance the flavor, texture and color in baked goods. Finished baked products are also able to retain moisture longer when using Nesugar®. This set of features allows to significantly increase shelf life and overall quality of the baked products. 

Our Invert Syrups are an ideal substitute for HFCS, honey, agave and granular sugar. Conventional and Organic Certified available. 


  • Reduces the proofing time (dough’s rise time), while keeping or improving the taste and texture on breads. 
  • Lowers baking temperatures and reduces baking time. 
  • Reduces breakage in biscuits and breads. 
  • Tenderizes and helps preserve moisture in your products. This characteristic helps to increase considerably the shelf life and the overall quality of your products. 
  • Facilitates Maillard’s reaction helping you produce products with natural color and improved appearance.
  • Binding agent when mixing.
  • Provides a creamier look and texture in fillings. 
  • Sweeter than sucrose, compared on a dry basis.
  • Non-GMO, gluten free, vegan friendly and OU Kosher.

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