What sets our products apart from the competition?

Quality is what sets our sweeteners apart from the competitors. All of our products go through a triple filtration system, leaving you with the purest, sweetest, most natural liquid sugar you can find. Whether using it for cooking, baking, beverages, or gelato, you’ll be able to lower your sugar content while enhancing the flavor and prolonging shelf-life.

Also, we have an internal applications team that is always available to assist our clients with anything from recipes modifications to recipe development.


Caribbean Specialty Ingredients is a leading manufacturer of invert cane syrups and cane/stevia blends that have an ample range of applications, including Beverages, Baking, Diary, Confectionary and Pharmaceutical. We offer multiple packaging including retail, foodservice and bulk sizes. We are All-Natural, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, AVA Certified, and OU Kosher. Our sweeteners are also available certified Organic.
As the first company to cultivate stevia in the Dominican Republic, we take pride in innovation and quality. Helping clients start new lines, improve existing products, maximizing the productivity of the production processes and the improvement of the health of consumers of products which contain our liquid sweeteners.
With our continued growth, we are excited to find new opportunities and relationships around the world.

Know Our Story

We are a family owned business located in the heart of the Dominican Republic.

Our story started in 2006 in Don Roberto's kitchen. His enthusiasm for healthy foods, natural products and good nutrition drove him to experiment in our own family kitchen. Being an engineer, he began to think of ways that he could use his expertise to fuel his passion. His goal was to extract liquid sweeteners through a 100% natural process, eliminating the use of artificial preservatives and ingredients. These sweeteners were to be all natural, free of artificial ingredients, and above all, delicious.

Starting with a well-known process to obtain liquid sweeteners from sugarcane, Don Roberto was able to create Nesugar using a natural enzymatic process that bio-mimics how bees naturally produce honey.

We believe that businesses have the responsibility to try and improve the quality of life for their customers. Just as our products can help to achieve a healthier lifestyle, we strive to imprint sustainability and green development in all aspects of our business. A healthier body, mind, and planet is good for everyone. Through our sugars, we hope to share the natural sweetness and warmth of the Caribbean with your family.


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